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Self care starts at home


MerceVida, which in Spanish means Merce’s life, was created with the idea of sharing the life of Mercedes, our founder, her love for Home design, Body self care and Life improvement. Our three circles of self.
This is an Interior design firm whose work for clients is informed by a unique Mercedes lifestyle tastes and health and wellness philosophy.  
As we spend the majority of our time at home, we want to help individuals find their balance, not only in their living/work space but also in themselves.  Our priority is to design interiors that reflect your personality and lifestyle, and to inspire clients to improve their wellbeing.

Project management 

We work with you on a schedule, line up the trades and purchases, and monitor the project to keep it on track. 

Color consulting

We provide mood boards, inspirational pieces, and colour palette recommendations to make sure you enjoy your space.


We help you to reach your goals that will improve your wellbeing. 

Self care starts at home


Make your life better, re-discover balance in your home.
Find ways to renew yourself, creating energetic routines that work with your schedule and cozy interiors to enjoy every day. 


Sometimes little details make the difference…

 FIND inspiration

You don’t know where to start? Let us help.

Space Planning

From single-room staging, to kitchen and bathroom remodel, to new construction, no project is too big or too small….


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