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The surroundings in which people live are very important, specially now that we spend most of our time at home. Our house has become our bubble and we live, work, cook, read, eat, sleep and even exercise in our home. Spending longer time at home can have impact on one's life. Sometimes being happy with your house isn't about making big changes; it's about learning to appreciate the little things. Paring down, painting a wall, changing the rug - or just the way you look at things - can make your home happier, healthier, calmer or more energizing place to live in. MerceVida is loaded with easy ways to take a new look at you house and enjoy it even more. Mercedes has been working as an Interior Designer since 2008, she listens to her clients' needs and personalises each project with great attention. Have a look at our Services to know more details about MerceVida.